Anwar Kashif Mumtaz is a Mumtaz ADR practitioner.

Anwar Kashif Mumtaz is an independent and full-time arbitrator, mediator and disputes consultant of Mumtaz ADR.

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Certified. Experienced. Thought Leader.

I have established myself as a thought leader and prominent ADR practitioner. I now bring all of that experience as an independent and full-time arbitrator, mediator and disputes consultant.

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About Anwar Kashif Mumtaz

Established Thought Leader in ADR

Based in Karachi, Pakistan, Anwar Kashif Mumtaz operates across Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, and United Kingdom.

He is also a Certified International Trainer on Leadership and Personal Development. He is a CEDR Accredited Mediator & Master Trainer and has conducted a number of Mediation, Training & Accreditation Courses. Mr. Anwar Kashif is also a founding Member of Pakistan Mediators Association (PMA) and has also worked with Legal Aid Society to train Salis on Mediation nominated by Sindh High Court in the province of Sindh and worked with Lahore High Court to train Civil Judges of Punjab on Mediation.

Why Choose Anwar Kashif Mumtaz for
Alternate Dispute Resolution?

Personal Time

I go one step ahead to resolve my clients issues which means more time for my clients. I listen and I resolve disputes on the basis human grounds.

Multi Billions in Recoveries

My clients have recovered their hard earned money just by basic communication through mediation.

Thousands of Happy Clients

I am in business for more than thirty years. I am Certified International Trainer on Leadership & Personal Development and also CEDR accredited Master Trainer.

Mumtaz ADR Experienced Mediator

I was nominated by Sindh High Court in the province of Sindh and worked with Lahore High Court to train Civil Judges of Punjab on Mediation.

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Mumtaz ADR Case Study

I have identified several key points and issues to mediate  and resolve disputes between two parties. I have list of case studies that can help you understand how mediation is conducted.

Arrange Marriage

Misrepresentation of marriage.

Boundary Disputes

Land encroachment in certain places.

Business Partnership

Communication and administration issues.


Communication Issues.

Human Resources

Work Relationship Issues.

Intellectual Property Rights

Trademark & Copyrights Issues.

Mumtaz ADR

Personal Voice

The best way to understand what mediation is through case studies. I have worked on several cases where I can share my experiences.

Please go through the case studies to learn more about mediation or call me direct!

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“Anwar, I was delighted how quickly you were able to facilitiate a satisfactory settlement. The significant amount of evidence that each party had put forward ”
Asad Mansoor
“I had 3 different disputes that were resolved successfully with neighbour, property owners, landlord, & tenant. Thank you for the aility to grasp the fundamental issues quickly, develop trust & confidence and quickly build rapport.”
Raza Ahmed
“A company, business dispute over a verbal contract between the parties concerning an exit strategy and purchasing of a bsiness... Thank you for resolving it in few hours!”
Muneeza Khan