Case Study

How Can Case Study Help You Make Decision?

An extensive examination of a person, a group, or an event is called a case study. In a case study, almost all facets of the subject’s life and history are examined in order to look for trends and underlying causes of conduct.

  • describe an individual situation (case), such as a person, business, organisation, or institution, in detail;
  • identify the case’s key issues (your assignment question should indicate what to concentrate on);
  • analyse the case using relevant theoretical concepts from your unit or discipline;
  • recommend a course of action for that specific case (particularly for problem-solving case studies).

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Commercial Disputes

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

A landlord and tenant dispute between a print business (the claimant) and its landlord (the defendant) resulted in court action. The printer claimed the landlord had failed to detect/repair leaking pipes in the business premises above, which had caused flooding to the premises in which he conducted his print business.


    Family Disputes

    After 8 months of separation, Jahangir and Sultana were struggling to communicate effectively with one another and
    agree on the living arrangements of their children. Jahangir and Sultana had been together for 24 years and separated
    for 8 months when they first came to Mumtaz ADR and began mediation.

      Human Resources Conflicts

      Human Resources Conflicts

      The client is a medium sized company. One of our client’s employees was continuously telephoning in for sickness and appeared to have lost interest in their work, according to our client. Due to the deteriorating relationship between the manager and his subordinate, which was hurting the entire team because there was one fewer person to carry out the work, tensions were growing.


        Contract Disputes

        A software developer based in Karachi, Pakistan licensed software to a Karachi based logistic company. The software company has not updated its software due to non-payment from the logistics company. Now, the logistics company was not able to perform some tasks.


          IT Disputes

          IT disputes are very complicated and become very expensive. An IT company wrote a specific software package for a client, at the time of writing and implementing it IT company advised the client to upgrade their hardware as there could be problems integrating the software with some of their hardware as it was a few years old. IT Company gave them the option to purchase the hardware through them, or someone else if they could source it cheaper, to minimise costs, but the client refused.


            Workplace Conflicts

            The CEO of a small business was made aware of a conflict between two employees who had previously worked along but now seemed to have significant disagreements that were hurting their entire department.

              Workplace Conflicts

              Divorce & Separation Disputes

              A divorcing couple attends mediation while their divorce is pending, to see what they can agree on to keep costs low. Mediation was not an option; property division and child custody were their major concerns.


                Arrange Marriage

                Shoaib and Zoha had an arranged marriage, having met only a few times on a handful of dates. They hadn’t had a chance to really get to know one another. They had given in to family and cultural pressures to get married and hope for the best, just as their parents’ generation had done.